Mahayogam Foundation

How it all began
Mahayogam is descended to us from our Paramaguru Maha Maharishi, who attained the state of “deathlessness” by transforming his physical body into light form, in 1989 at Sri Lanka. Maha Maharishi’s direct disciple Dr KP Gunaaneethi, has founded, Maha Maharishi Foundation known as Mahayogam to offer his yogic wisdom gained through the highest spiritual state of SAMADHI.  He is fondly referred to by his disciples as Guruji.

Mahayogam was formed by Siddhas (Saint’s) tradition with their most powerful yogic practices. It is one of the few organizations in India which follows the Guru-Disciple tradition. 

Mahayogam – Maha Maharishi Foundation was founded in the city of Kanchipuram in Tamilnadu, India. It has been serving mankind since 1996 in many ways by teaching physical fitness and mindfulness in the following areas: 
  • Yogasanas
  • Kriya
  • Meditation
  • Yozen Silambam
  • Zenskar Healing Martial Arts
  • Human Energy Science and Medicine
  • Astro Science
Also, Mahayogam is servicing the community during the disaster’s by donating food, medicine and money. Also it has been organising events and competitions every year to encourage and bring yoga awareness in the public.

About Guru

Dr KP Gunaaneethi a simple, self-realized, enlightened Guru serving the world for more than 20 years with his expertise and unconditional love.

He is the Father of Indian Human Energy Science and Medicine, a new medical system (a post graduate syllabus for the Medical students in India). 

As a medical professional and Human Energy Science and Medicine expert he has designed yogic techniques by integrating the yogic science with energy science to retain a healthy body, mind, life energy and soul. 

Mahayogam's service reached more than 500,000+ people in India. His disciples have taken this art to various countries like Australia, America, Canada, the UK, Singapore, and Indonesia online and through direct classes. In addition, he has conducted more than 200 yoga retreats in various locations in India (including The Himalayan Ranges) to rejuvenate the energy, psyche, and health through yoga. Many thousands of people, including Government higher officials, Civil Service, Police, Medical practitioners, corporate staff, and students, benefitted from these in-house programmes.

He is also a 5th Dan Black Belt of Kungfu and founded Zenskar Healing Martial Arts. a twig of Mahayogam and created many masters, Guinness record achievers and thousands of students. Also designed a new art called Yozen (Yoga-Zen) for the middle-agers to restore their energy and body and retain youthfulness. His Mahayogam and Zenskar students had achieved unbeaten 4 Guinness World Records and 4 National records in yoga.

Mahayogam’s practices are very powerful and simple that anyone can practice.

Mahayogi’s (those who practice Mahayogam’s techniques) have achieved many Guinness world records and Indian national level records.