Dr. Vasugi Sithiresenen 
Emergency Medicine Specialist, Queensland Australia

Mahayogam is very nature concern, and I am confident that each one of you who come across or start practicing Mahayogam will gain many benefits and become a healthy happy person.

We can together create a better, happy, healthier, and united world!

Dr. Neil Raj
Holistic Dental clinic in Melbourne, Victoria

I was very happy that my course, the stress the meditation were all like part of the same thing. So, I said OK. Let me see Guruji in Brisbane and learn a few things. And the experience was fantastic. But don’t trust the word of what I say… Experience it for yourself!

Ms. Priya Kirubasankar
Melbourne, Victoria

I was experiencing excruciating pain on my right shoulder.. I had tried everything Yoga, Massage, Chiropractic but the pain would not go. On the 5th day of the yogic practice I could feel relief in my right shoulder. That is something that I experienced…Please do not miss this opportunity.

Mr. Perumal Pillai
Hypnotherapist and Life skills counsellor
Christine corner medical clinic, QLD

I feel, I am very fortunate to meet Guruji. Because I have met so many Gurus in my life. I am 71 now. Since I am 12, been doing yoga and meditation...

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