Our Journey

A short timeline video of our journey in Australia

Since 2010, we have been traveling to India to learn and practise yoga and meditation through Maha Maharishi Foundation (Mahayogam, India). Our journey with Mahayogam has given us a lot of great positive life experiences to make us better physically and mentally. We could go on and on to elaborate how Mahayogam made our lives better but it may not help you much. Instead, we invite you to experience it yourself.

Our Guruji always says “what you experience on your own is the truth”. Experiencing something on a personal level is way better than what you will hear from us. We experienced the benefits that we sought; Mahayogam, indeed transformed our lives for better. The transformation was so visible that our friends and colleagues were enquiring what initiated the positive change in us. We wanted to show them how they can benefit from Mahayogam too.
Establishing Mahayogam Australia Inc., is our dream for the past ten years. Through Mahayogam Australia, we invite each one of you to achieve physical and mental well-being by practising Mahayogam’s yoga, mindfulness (zen) and meditation techniques. Travelling to India frequently might have been a costly-affair with lots of adjustments to our lifestyle commitments, but the treasures that we received from Mahayogam were priceless. 

Certainly, we feel happy and content at every moment of our lives. We wanted to share what we learnt in India for the benefit of all Australians regardless of their race, language and religion.

So finally, together with the help of like-minded local Aussies, Mahayogam Australia Inc. was formed in 2020 to serve Australians in the following broad aspects:

  • Offer scientifically-proven Yoga and Meditation programs to enhance the well-being of individuals.
  • Research and create awareness in disciplines where yoga can contribute to improve the existing knowledge base in fields including but not limited to mental health, physical health, approved complementary therapies and harmony in families and society.
  • Take part in various charitable activities to encourage and support the well-being and harmony in the local Australian community.
  • Work together with Mahayogam, Maha Maharishi Foundation India in promoting the well-being of the world citizens. 
Mahayogam Australia Inc. was established on the guidelines and principles of the Mahamaharishi Foundation, India, commonly known as Mahayogam India. However, Mahayogam Australia Inc. is a separate entity/organisation registered in Australia following the guidelines set by the Office of Fair-Trading Queensland and The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.