All programmes offered by Mahayogam Australia have been designed by Guru KP Gunaaneethi, the Founder of MahaMaharishi Foundation India. The Guru trained the instructor Chandra Balakrishnan of Mahayogam Australia.

So far, the participants of Mahayogam Australia's programmes have come from different religions and backgrounds. After attending the programmes, they have reported benefits such as mindfulness, improved physical and mental well-being, and a better ability to handle emotions/stress levels in their everyday life.

Currently, the following programmes are offered in Australia.

Yoga, Meditation and Kriya - In-Person classes

An Yoga practice that is fit for people of all age group regardless of their spiritual beliefs. Mahayogam's Yoga and Kriya practices are based on scientific principles. You can experience the benefits for yourself. 

The Yoga, Meditation and Kriya programmes are offered in Guru-Disciple tradition.

There are several levels of programmes starting from AgaraMudhal, AathiSiddhi, Advanced AathiSiddhi 1, Advanced AathiSiddhi 2, Advanced AathiSiddhi 3 and SECRET 1 to 7 until you reach your final quest and also various ongoing courses from the Guru to guide you handling the life situations, to succeed and to live happily with,

Motivating daily 1hr online guided follow-up practices
Weekly challenge with life-changing day-to-day practical and positive actions
Regular weekly guided sessions

Who can attend? Anyone who wants
  • To Prevent your vital energy loss
  • To get a solution for the issues you face in your day-to-day life such as health, stress, depression, difficulty in decision making and troubles in family relationships, etc.,
  • To get rid of negative feelings like memory loss, fear, nervousness, anger, sorrow, etc.,
  • To get deep sleep without nightmares or disturbances
  • To awaken the dormant energy (Mahashakthi) that you carry from birth after birth
  • Techniques that bring tremendous upliftment in your profession and economy
  • To get a permanent solution for your spiritual quest
  • To improve your overall physical and mental well-being.

How do you attend? In-Person/Face-to-face classes are delivered around Brisbane. 

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If you would like to experience our programmes please contact us using the form.

YOZEN - Programme to restore Health, Energy and Youthfulness - Remote Online

YOZEN is part of Zenskar Healing Martial arts designed specifically for middle-aged adults to restore their Health, Energy, and Youthfulness by strengthening and regaining the vital energy  with simple movements from Yoga, Kriya, Meditation, Tai-Chi, Silambam, Karate, Kung-Fu, Kalari etc.

Yozen provides complete solution to

  • Joint-pain, Body-pain, Fatigue, Blood Pressure abnormalities, Diabetes, Digestive problems, Constipation etc.
  • Prevent health issues of people above the age of 40.
  • Develop immunity and prevent us from Covid-19-like diseases.
  • Experience marvelous changes within a month of practice and lead a stress-free life.
  • Designed by the Founder and Father of Energy Medicine Science, Grand Master and 5th Dan Black Belt.
Who can attend? Anyone interested and especially adults above 35 years and kids above 6 years can practice this art.

How do you attend? Online via Zoom; Course offered by Guinness record-holding Masters from India. 

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Zenskar - Healing Martial Arts - (Currently offered only in India)

Zenskar is the art of being in conscious. 'Zen' means meditation and 'Kar' stands for defence by hand.  

This art was developed by our ancient Siddhars to tame our energy system. Zenskar has its evolution from all its master and reached us through our Guru, Dr.K.P.Gunaneethi a 5th Dan black belt. It has Karate, Kung Fu, Varmam, Judo, Silambam, Qi Qung, Tai Chi, Hitachi all under one roof. 

It's motto is to bring awareness at each stage of practice and reach the Highest Awareness, which is the ultimate stage of a Yogi. It is not just a martial art. It is a practice which bring out the powerful hidden energy of body and mind and enable students to lead successful life by eradicating their inner and outer enemies. 

Who can attend? Its unique feature is that, anyone from 6 to 60 years can practice this art.

How do you attend? Learn from the Masters at the convenience of your home (via Zoom).

Register your interest using the form.

Jai Maharishi!                                                                                                                Live Happily!!